Smart savings for businesses

Ignialight's industrial light fittings can be controlled individually or by groups to adapt to any given environment.This means that considerable energy savings can be made.

The Bayled 2.0 has a wide range of control systems. They can be adapted to existing light fittings, to the specific needs of customers and, in some cases, no extra wiring is required.

power-line communication

The luminaries can be controlled by groups without the need to add additional wiring to carry the data.


The luminaries can be controlled individually or by groups. A power cable and a two-wire data cable for the DALI signal are needed.

radio frequency

The luminaires can be switched on and off, and dimmed individually or by groups. None of the components in an installation have to be changed nor is additional wiring required.


The luminaires can be controlled by groups. A two-wire data cable is required.

directional security device

This enables security lighting to be installed.

built-in light sensor

This detects the degree of environmental light and dims luminaires accordingly.

built-in motion detector

This will detect the presence of people and switches the luminaire on.